Downtown Eastside

Vancouver, CA

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There are many misconceptions surrounding those living on the Downtown East Side

(DTES). 2 Paycheques Away.. unlocks new perceptions of spirited and resilient

individuals from the DTES by sharing their stories as told during their visit to the

barber. This initiative lends a head start to those taking a next step and rebuilds bridges

and relationships among Vancouverites of all walks of life.


Alysha Osborne

Founder, Professional Barber

Experienced in the industry for many years, Alysha is also a talented musician originally from Hamilton, Ontario. 

Her original inspiration came from her early years as a child when she would hear one of her idols share stories of living a hard life on the Downtown East Side in Vancouver.  With her step-mother's personal history, and her creativity she started 2 Paycheques Away.. as a passion project to help others.  Now, it has grown exponentially in a way that was never imagined possible.

Mihailo Subotic

Art Director, Professional Photographer

Mihailo is experienced in a wide range of styles including editorial, commercial, event-based, product and portrait.

Always looking for a new challenge, 2 Paycheques Away.. has been a fulfilling new project.  However, it has become much more than that. By telling each unique walk of life's experience through photography, Mihailo and Alysha have been able to capture the transformations and tell the stories of each individual so that others can understand their struggles.

If you're gonna do something, do it big.

Mike I.

Hamilton Ontario


Was unable to work from grief after his wife passed away. 

He is currently trying to get a job.

Upcoming Events
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Rio Theatre
Documentary V6A - Director in Attendance
Italian filmmaker Ruggero Romano has called Vancouver home since 2016 and after witnessing the struggle of homelessness, poverty and addiction in his adopted city, was moved to make a film about the inhabitants of postal code V6A – the area commonly known as the Downtown Eastside.