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Two Paycheques Away Portraits

2 Paycheques Away..

Changing the stigma surrounding residents
of the DTES one haircut at a time.


We are
2 Paycheques Away..

2 Paycheques Away.. unlocks new perceptions of spirited and resilient individuals from the DTES by sharing their stories as told during their visit to the barber.

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What we do:

1. We provide complimentary haircuts every Wednesday for residents of the DTES by appointment.
2. We sell coffee table books to raise money for the DTES.
3. We provide various items, by donation, that are needed on the DTES.

Two Paycheques Away.. has given 400+ haircuts to date.

2 Paycheques Away Portrait

"Don’t judge a book by its cover"

Our Stories

Meet some of the incredible people of the DTES.
Our Stories


Mouse “Cheech Mouse” is from London, Ontario. As a former cook, he has travelled a lot and is a proud hippie. A few years ago he was rollerblading down a hill and broke his back. With no family, savings or job prospects, he now collects bottles and does custodial work to make ends meet.

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Our Stories


Marcel, originally from Ottawa but living in Vancouver since '91, had retired with a pension but soon found himself short on money and long on free time. Now he’s using resources around him on the DTES, like resume building classes and Working Gear, to get back into the workforce.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I stop in and get my haircut?

We ask you to make an appointment by calling

Is there a cost to get my haircut?

No, all of our haircuts are free.

Do I have to get my photo taken
in order to get a haircut?

No, you can get a haircut without getting your photo taken. We will only take your photo with your permission.


Respect is the foundation of what we do, so before we take photos, we explain why we want to and how those photos will be used. Not all clients agree to have their photos taken and that’s ok with us. We feel their stories (the bios) are equally important and also share those only with their consent.

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