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There are many misconceptions surrounding those living on the Downtown East Side (DTES). 2 Paycheques Away unlocks new perceptions of spirited and resilient individuals from the DTES by sharing their stories as told during their visit to the barber. This initiative lends a head start to those taking a next step and rebuilds bridges and relationships among Vancouverites of all walks of life.

Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.

Alysha Osborne


Alysha has been in the hair industry for 11 years. She started her career in salons and moved into barbering in 2011. While living in Gastown she became friends with some downtown eastsiders and began seeing the way they were being treated from others. Having experience with addiction in her family, she decided to start 2 Paycheques Away.. to change the stigma around addiction, homelessness and mental health on the DTES. "We are all born the same, without support or savings we are all 2 paycheques away from being in the same place."

Mihailo Subotic

Mihailo has been a professional photographer for over 10 years. His experience is in a wide range of genre’s including commercial, editorial, event-based, product, portrait. 2 Paycheques Away.. has been an eye opening new project on the misconceptions surrounding the residents of the DTES. By telling each unique individual's experience through portrait photography, Mihailo has been able to capture the transformations and share the stories so that others can understand their struggles.

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