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2 Paycheques Away..

Our mission statement

There are many misconceptions surrounding those living on the Downtown East Side (DTES). 2 Paycheques Away unlocks new perceptions of spirited and resilient individuals from the DTES by sharing their stories as told during their visit to the barber. This initiative lends a head start to those taking a next step and rebuilds bridges and relationships among Vancouverites of all walks of life.
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In 2020

People in Vancouver are experiencing homelessness
Reported having at least one health condition including a physical disability
Reported addiction

How we help

First impressions count and no one knows that better than the residents of the DTES. To help others better understand the stigma faced by our neighbours in the DTES we offer free haircuts and, if given permission, take before and after photos so everyone can see the changes not just in their hairstyle but in their expressions. The photos remind everyone how easy it is to make assumptions about others based on their appearance and their stories remind everyone of their humanity. At 2 Paycheques Away we believe that helping people feel better about themselves is the first step toward improving their world and how the world views them.
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2 Paycheques Away.. unlocks new perceptions of spirited and resilient individuals from the DTES by sharing their stories as told during their visit to the barber.

What we do

1. We provide haircuts for residents of the DTES and low income communities.
2. We sell coffee table books to raise money for the DTES.
3. We have monthly drives to provide items needed on the DTES.

“We all need to be in a world of service. We live our lives with love and positive thinking.”

- Lousie
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Our Team

Our team of dedicated volunteers come with diverse experiences and are committed to changing the stigma surrounding the DTES and low income communities, rebuilding bridges for a better community in Vancouver.

Alysha Osborne

She/Her | Founder
Alysha has been in the hair industry for 11 years. She started her career in salons and moved into barbering in 2011. While living in Gastown she became friends with some downtown eastsiders and began seeing the way they were being treated from others. Having experience with addiction in her family, she decided to start 2 Paycheques Away.. to change the stigma around addiction, homelessness and mental health on the DTES. “We’re all 2 paycheques away from being in a different place.”

Mihailo Subotic

He/Him | Photographer
Mihailo has been a professional photographer for over 10 years. His experience is in a wide range of genre’s including commercial, editorial, event-based, product, portrait. 2 Paycheques Away.. has been an eye opening new project on the misconceptions surrounding the residents of the DTES. By telling each unique individual's experience through portrait photography, Mihailo has been able to capture the transformations and share the stories so that others can understand their struggles.

Yvonne Gustafson

She/Her | Administrator
After a successful career in the travel industry, Yvonne Gustafson decided to change gears and focus on her passion for the arts. Graduating from Theatre School in 2016, Yvonne has worked on both sides of the camera ever since. As a producer, actor, PA and art director. In 2020, Yvonne joined Leo Management as a talent agent, combining her passions for coaching actors and the film industry. She has volunteered as the administrator for 2 Paycheques Away since 2018.

Sam Freemont

Age 55.
Favourite colour: Yellow
Favorite saying:
"I wouldn't have it any other way. "
Working and living downtown Eastside five years

Dave Hainey

Originally from the East, Dave has worked in Vancouver since 2012. He currently works as Crown Counsel in the Criminal Appeals and Special Prosecutions office. In the past he has run free legal clinics for residents of the DTES and provided pro bono legal representation. He firmly believes in rebuilding bridges and is committed to 2 Paycheques Away.. mission to reduce the stigma.
Our supporters

Partnerships & Donors

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Thank you to our amazing sponsors:
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Interested in partnering with Two Paycheques away? Please contact us.
Our Contributions
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Two Paycheques Away..
has given 1500+ haircuts to date.
We've also provided:
225 lbs of bedding
40 lbs of food
60 lbs of clothes
10 lbs of toiletries
365 pairs of shoes
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Donate today and make a difference on the DTES.

Financial donations to our charity help us better serve the residents of the DTES by keeping our equipment and PPE up to date, enabling us to take more photos, produce more books and share more stories.